Gary A Nelson - Lawyer Put Name On Deed To Land And Stole It.

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Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson engaged in the following dastardly conduct thereby creating the "Nelson Maneuver."

"The Nelson Maneuver"

Get a Law Degree and turn it into a Liar's Degree.

Make a Decision to become a Professional Parasite.

Find a Wealthy Host Client. Gain his Confidence. Represent him in Litigation. Marry into the family. Manipulate the Estate Plan. Divide the Siblings.Issue a "No Contact Order" against your victim family member and prevent him from seeing his father before his death and exposing your scheme. Bury the victim in legal paperwork.Plunder the Family Fortune.See

Review about: Legal Swindle.



I got hit head on in 1994.I was trapped in the car (which I had just bgohut, brand new, 4 days prior!!) and rescue workers had to cut the car to get me out.

I had a broken nose, jaw, collar bone and lacerations on my head requireing stitches. My rotator cuff was torn, requiring surgery for repair. I had horrible back pain and burns (from air bag) on my face, neck, and shoulders. My car was totalled (it was brand new then, a Cavalier, FIRST CAR I EVER BOUGHT!!!) and my dog who was riding in the back seat suffered from cuts that needed stitches and his two front legs were broken.

The other driver was found at fault as she had attempted to pass a car in front of her and hit me head on in the process.

Her insurance had to pay for my car, all my medical expenses (including surgury and PT for my shoulder and cosmetic surgery for my nose) and they covered my dogs medical expenses as well (my dogs alone was 2900) after they paid all my medical, and rented me a car for a month so I could buy another, they paid me punitive damages of 110,000.I had a lawyer so his fee was 1/3 of that.


Dear Larry Fail.Its amazing how someone can put out and out lies on the computer and think they can get away with it.

Slander and copyright theft is very serious.

I hope Mr.Nelson doesnt file a complaint against you for that.

to Larry Macphale #587709

He will not file a complaint.The best defense against Slander is the truth.

He stole my land I did not steal his.Details of the truth can bee seen at

to Larry Macphale Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #675965

I will pay the filing fee if Lawyer Gary A. Nelson wants to sue Larry Fail.

Dania, Florida, United States #436404

:p Catch Up On Lawyer Gary A.Nelson at

The Perpetrators Elder Abuse that resulted in the death of Ivan J.

Fail wants to distance themselves from the crime by making false statements against their victims.(Opinion based on facts and circumstance)

Dania, Florida, United States #359576

:p Thanks for the info.Legal Might Trumps Moral Right.(c) lnf.

See updated site and picture of Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson and his wife Tonia Dedeke Nelson who ripped me off to the tune of $650,000 and in my opinion engaged in foul play that lead to the death of my father.

Read the Complaint that was filed with the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator dba Lawyer Protection Administrator, and the dismissal letter and my response letter

Dania, Florida, United States #305573

Legal Might Over Rules Moral Right.


I enjoyed reading your post, sorry for what happened to you, but good you can speak out.I had a bad experience with a crooked greedy lawyer and in addition to a California State Bar association Complaint against A James Antonini II I wanted to do something more personal.

I believe the best revenge is revenge. So I created a web site, which now with pissed consumer posting shows up very well on the search engines.

This lets anyone know what the crook is about.

I'll post this on my crooked lawyer site.A site you might like is in the UK.

to Gary A Nelson, Alfred James An #587710

Amen. These Legal Vampires can no longer escape the light of truth - thanks to the God Sent Internet and Al Gore - Right?

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